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Each year, USBC recognizes outstanding individuals in these three categories:

  • USBC Youth Scholarships awards scholarships to oustanding individuals
  • Adult Youth Leader Awards recognizes coaches, leaders & volunteers who support youth programs
  • National Recognition Awards recognizes outstanding bowling leaders

Visit the Association's National Recognition page for complete information about them, including details about each, applications & deadlines. 


  • The use of any products on a bowling ball once competition has started goes into effect on Aug. 1, 2019. This includes powder, patting rosin bags on the ball, and cleaners formerly listed as approved for competition. Should a ball come back with surface residue that cannot be removed with a dry towel/cloth, bowlers must seek permission from a league or tournament official to use a product allowed to clean the ball.
  • The no liquid cleaner rule will go into effect on Aug. 1, 2019 – only a dry towel can be used to clean a bowling ball during competition. A dry towel is defined as any cloth/towel, paper towel or chamois towel.
  • In 2019, USBC has launched the Community Login which provides USBC members with a single sign-on for many of USBC’s online platforms.
  • Any secondary hole drilled inside of a gripping hole that is not intended for gripping purpose is considered a void and not allowed except for vent holes.  Visit the USBC Equipment Specification pages for all the details.
  • EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2020, changes are being imposed on holes or indentations in bowling ball used for gripping purposes.  Please keep an eye out for notifications from USBC about this subject or visit the USBC website for specifics.


Visit the Association's Convention  page for full access to the current convention's documents, seminars and other important information.

League Rules (majority vote needed) - 1 change was accepted

  • Amendment No. LR 1 – Accepted (836 accept, 20 reject)

    Rule 102e, Duties of the Secretary, Item 9

Furnish a list of individual averages to local association manager within 15 days of league’s completion.

Tournament Rules (majority vote needed) – no changes were accepted

USBC National Bylaws (two-thirds vote needed) – 2 changes were accepted

  • Amendment No. B 2 – Accepted (652 accept, 194 reject

    Article VIII, Amendments
Puts limits on the submission of an amendment from previous year.

  • Amendment No. B 3 – Accepted (767 accept, 84 reject)

    Article VII, Meetings Section A., Annual Meeting, Item 3
Allows state delegates to determine if Hall of Fame members should have voting rights at the state’s annual meeting.


The 2020 USBC CONVENTION will be held on April 27-30 at The Oleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV