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Westchester County Bowling Associations have been supporting youth bowling for over 40 years.  Prior to 2006, the Westchester Men’s, Women’s and Junior Associations, staffed with numerous individual volunteers as well as bowling proprietors, have developed bowling programs throughout the county to enable our youth to participate in the sport of bowling.  Their enthusiasm has also led our local youth bowlers to participate in NY State tournaments.  In 2006, when the individual associations merged into the single Westchester County USBCA, we continued our commitment to our youth.

The United States Bowling Congress, along with the chartered state & local associations, provide many opportunities to engage our youth of all ages to get involved with a lifetime sport.  Youth bowling builds the competitive spirit from an early age through bowling center leagues right through to high school and collegiate participation.  During these years, they learn to better themselves as individuals, develop skills to enable them to participate with others as teams, step up to leadership roles, and best of all, earn scholarships along the way that can be accumulated for later education.

USBC also provides adults with the tools to support our future youth bowlers.  This includes grants, in-school bowling education programs, coaching seminars, and the like.  In 2006, they launched the Registered Volunteer Program to provide a safe environment for all youth bowlers which means all volunteers who have contact with youth members must go through a mandatory criminal background screening and complete a training component through safesport.org.  All our Board of Directors and adult volunteers working with our Westchester County Youth program are registered volunteers.

We encourage you to visit the USBC website (bowl.com) for more detailed information about the opportunities available with the sport of bowling.

Our web pages will provide information about our programs, so visit them to see what is available to our Westchester County Youth Bowlers.